Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Look up!

Yes that's right, look up, d'ya hear??  I often look up at the skies, on the look out for something stunning, and spending a considerable amount of my time in the hills and mountains, I come across my fair share of wonders, like this nice example of a Lenticular cloud above Slieve Binnian I woke up to a couple of years ago whilst wild camping by Loughshannagh.

I can't help keeping an eye on this website though, the cloud appreciation society. I know, I know, it sounds like something Ian Hislop and Angus Deayton would take the piss out of on Have I got News For You but some of the images are truly, truly awesome so I encourage more of you to look up some more, you really never know what you might see.


  1. How right you are!

    Stop on over for a little breath of mountain air!

  2. A mate of mine proudly displays his "Cloud Appreciation Society" membership certificate! You've got a point though — we don't spend enough time looking up. I wrote something similar recently (here). Minnaert's book really is excellent — the number of phenomena out there is quite extraordinary.

  3. I was in the Macgillycuddys Reeks this month and was lucky enough to witness not one but two sun dogs simultaneously. Unfortunately, the photographs we took dont show much evidence of either. I too have spotted various other atmospheric phenomena, I like the sound of the book on your post, it may have to be procured for a proper look


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