Friday, January 15, 2010

Inov-8 Roclite 370 - First impressions on an impulsive purchase

I bought these from the climbers shop online store in England last week where I saw them for a paltry 30 pounds. I had been trying on some Roclite 320's in Jacksons Sports in Belfast just a few days before I came across these babies and I was very impressed with the fit, cushioning and weight.

Ive been thinking about changing the set up I have on my feet when walking for a while now and this is the first step in doing that. Currently I use a pair of Meindl Softline Gtx boots which were great until they recently started leaking, with some Bridgedale socks; comfort trekkers or endurances depending on the weather.

Im now however coming round to the idea that trail shoes may be suitable for most hilly terrain, certainly in the UK and Ireland. My idea is to wear trail shoes, ie the Roclite 370's with a pair of normal socks as usual and a Rocky Gore Tex over-sock as my waterproof membrane.

As I said, this is still only an idea and I have yet to source a pair of these Rocky Gore Tex over-socks in the UK (I may have to resort to the US to get my hands on a pair.)

As for the boots though, they weigh in at around 800g per pair (size 10.5) which is fantastic, made originally for paragliding I believe, I hardly notice they are there when walking. The fit is as good as the 320's I tried on in Belfast and whats even better is the higher cuff on them which gives me a little more security from potential broken ankles when crossing more difficult terrain. The tread is the deepest I've ever come across on any trail shoe and look as though they could cope admirably with wet slippery rocks and steep grassy slopes.

However, I will reserve more judgement for such time as I have tried them out 'in the field' so to speak, so far they have only covered the length and breadth of my house and a short length of footpath. So far the signs are good but watch this space for a more in-depth review.


  1. I can recommend Trekmates Amphibian Socks. I have a pair, that appear somewhat baggy and ill fitting, but work brilliantly, without discomfort.

  2. Inov-8's are the ticket! Been using them for about 2 years now and can't see me going to another brand any time soon. One word of advice is to keep away from tarmac with them, especially if they have the sticky soles, as it eats the soles off them.
    I will also vouch for the trekmates g-tex socks, they look ill fitting but aren't uncomfortable on the feet. I gave up on trying to find the rockys in the UK (you might find them in your size though), and I think they were working out at 50 quid or so from the states which was a bit rich.

  3. Hi, just found your Blog thanks to Martin Rye at Summit & Valley, good to see.

    Anyway, another vote for Trekmates, as has been mentioned they look a bit grim but they work very well, I was using mine until the snow with a pair of Karrimor Pro Run trainers, no problems.

  4. I have been avoiding the ampibians for the reason you all state, but im now more intrigued. I found a supplier in Canada who qwill ship the Rockys to me but im waiting on the cost to come so we'll see what they say.

  5. We've just found your blog through Beardedgit and we are adding it to our Following list. Most people speak very highly of Roclites in whatever form they come. As you may know,many people do the TGO Challenge in various versions of the trail shoe and I'm certainly going to give them a try.

  6. I got a pair of the same boots and don't like them. I'm trialing a pair of Inov8 trail runners (roclites) and they are much better. This is a big change for me since I've been using leather Asolos for years. I haven't done any hikes in them yet (we're in plastic boot season), but I'm hoping to wear them on the Challenge this year. The last is very good. I'm hopeful.

  7. Philip

    I too have yet to really test the roclites out but i will do very soon, until then i cant say if i rate them or not, the signs are good, on sunday i walked up and down slievenamon and they held up nicely, no movement and decent support on uneven ground. Ive tried on the roclite 320's and was very, very impressed with the fit, more so than the 370's i got


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