Saturday, January 30, 2010

Daydreams - A visionary fantasy experienced while awake....

I've been sat at my desk now for a couple of hours, hankering for a trip. The full moon has outed itself once again and its inducing all sorts of butterfly type feelings in the belly as I dream of mountain solice, at home and further afield.

Next week, I'm jetting out to southern Germany for a course on sustainable, eco, renewable, responsibly sourced, energy efficiency stuff. While I'm there, I plan on frequenting some of the wonderful mountains they have to offer there. Where I'm staying is only a short drive from Oberstdorf, one of Germanys premier ski resorts situated at the foot of the Allgau Alps. It also offers some of the finest hiking in Germany and seeing as the snow has made a hurried retreat in Ireland, I'm looking forward to padding around in the white stuff once again.

That's the fun for February sorted but I have more on my mind today.

Since last summer, I've been seriously thinking about taking on a multi day trip through Connemara and south Mayo. I'm still in the route planning stage, but already I'm so excited by it. The route itself is staggeringly ambitious, it will meander through five separate mountain groups and will probably work out at around 100km long, over roughly 30 summits with a combined ascent of over 12,000m.

Of course, the precise details are to be confirmed and a few "reconnaissance" trips will be required before I settle on a definite route through this immense landscape. Needless to say, the trip will be scheduled for the summer where longer hours of daylight can be availed of and I'll be carrying everything I'll need for it in the aul 'over shoulder gear holder' from the start.

I. Cannot. Bloody. Wait.


  1. Of all the places around the world i have hiked i have never been to Eire or the North. It looks stunning. There has been quite a bit on TV recently of good walks in Connemara and Galway. I must put it on my list for the not too distant future.

  2. Looks beautiful. I think planning a trip like that is second only to doing it. I have been know to plan a trip in my head with no real prospect of going on it.

  3. It sounds a like a wonderful trip through stunning, wild scenery. I look forward to reading about it on here. Will you be blogging on the move?

  4. The Odyssee, do it, take the plunge, come to Connemara, you will not be disappointed.

    Ben, your right, I get a lot of enjoyment from the planning stage and I suffer sometimes from the same thing, Ive planned trips that have just never come to fruition, although this one is different, its a dead cert.

    afootinthehills, the scenery is something else, and im looking forward to writing about it. I am also looking into mobile blogging devices, although, that may interfere with the joy I experience of not being contactable or 'off the radar'.

  5. Can't wait to see your trip photos... and read the story.


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